Welcome to my WORLD ! 

The only place where my followers/fans will be able to find the best info about me while I`m offline . Because I`m full of time wasters who keep asking questions about where i sell my vids , what i`m into etc . 

My subs and fans have to understand i have a personal/social live and i cant be online 24/7

    Few things bout : 

(my experience as a dominant master and a fetish cam model) , contact me, buying vids, keeping up with my trips, and generally just watching and enjoying my lifestyle.




Everything I mention here has been tried and tested by myself, but please understand that any actions you take from reading this site are your responsibility.


It is important to respect and understand my point of view and also respect my followers who support me and not judge someone by their role, sexual orientation, or fetish. 

Everyone is welcome on by page, but I’m not a mind reader. When you come to one of my pages(where i perform live on cam), you know what you’re looking for. If you focus on what I’m saying you will get what you need to know about me . I’m open minded and I respect everyone point of view. Don’t disrespect others because you cant get my attention. Enjoy in silence every opportunity that can help you develop a connection with me. A lot of people wont understand what I’m doing, but I don’t give a fuck. If you’re offended by something you are free to go. 

If you are not in the findom scene don’t be afraid to continue being a fan. I don’t treat my fans the same way I treat my slaves. It doesn’t matter if you follow and support me as your Master, a cam model, or friend. Be kind and enjoy yourself so that you can continue to keep up with my updates and tribute me to reach my goals. Most of my followers don`t know much bout findom scene and here will be the only place where they find the best info bout my experience . If u are interested in learning more bout this u should keep reading

                   Being in this scene(from 2015)I noticed that a lot of my fans are afraid to contact me because they`re not familiar with the findom scene they think a Master treat everyone like a slave .   



           Most outsiders think a Master is selfish, enjoys                               destroying lives and blackmails their slaves to get cash.                Everyone has the freedom to choose who they want to                  appreciate, adore, love, serve, and worship. If they                         chose ME, they know why they want to start trusting in                  me.

  Being able to communicate in a non-judgmental way is       incredibly important. 

           It is not necessary for me to ask or force someone to do               what I want. They beg me to use, drain, and make them                 obedient slaves. I have the skill to create a connection                   with those who beg to be under my control.

            I respect my slaves limits and I know how to take                   care of my property and understand their needs.

      I build a strong relationship with everyone and i know what            they want. In the findom scene no one (at least a real                     Master who respect those fundamental elements) doesn’t             force anyone to do something they don’t want to do.

       Everything is based in pleasure, trust, and                                       discretion.  


     The slave needs to be able to feel comfortable enough to give       up everything .


   If a slave trusts me and shows their weakness in order to             work to reach my goals they are grateful for this                             privilege. They are not stupid or weak. They are brave                   enough to show me how much they appreciate me and                   have the courage to express their feelings and show                     their love. Consent is given from my slaves and                                              EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL. 

This doesn’t give people outside of the findom scene right or permission to disrespect my slaves. I’m the only one allowed to treat them how I want because they approached me and begged me to do it.

Everyone is here to appreciate, adore, worship, and tribute me to improve my goals and needs. So you should know its not shameful and you don’t have to be afraid to show how much you appreciate me with tributes and gifts. I get very good feedback from most of the people that I’ve had contact with, and I’m very thankful for this. 

If one of those method doesn`t work follow the contact page !!

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