About me

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

I do not tolerate time wasters. Take your time and read my basic rules. Do not approach me with anything less than respect.

In my experience to be a master means to take care and to have responsibility in life , to guide and to protect , to have discipline and shape the mantality of others for their own welfare . A master is a guide , a teacher , a friend someone who share HIS wisdom and lust for a real connection . It is pure passion and pleasure . To be my slave is to open yourself up , to be vulnerable for Me .

  • Being able to communicate in a non-judgmental way is very important . The slave needs to be able to feel comfortable enough , this is essential for helping the relationship grow .

Natural born DOM. Half Romanian Half Nigerian. Tall, handsome, and smart. I’m very open minded and I know how to create a connection with those I interact with. Respect others sexual orientation/religion/etc but I treat my subs exactly how they deserve. I’ve known how to make inferior people useful for me since I was young.

Date of birth : 03.05.1996

  • Height : 1.89(6.3)

  • Weight : 87 KG

  • Feet size :45 (10uk)

  • Dick Size : 22 (9 )

  • Sexual Orientation : Straight

I roll in every fetish, my power is unlimited!

I’ll melt your brain during a session (online or live). Psychological domination is more powerful that physical domination. When you start to follow my RULES you will start learning more about yourself. Be ready to dedicate yourself to me.

1) Tell Me something about yourself

2) Tell Me your previous experiences

3) Let Me know what your fetishes are and your limits

Mental emotional domination control . Control is greather than sex .

  • Into: Chat, online cam sessions (SKYPE or whatever u prefer), muscle, smoke, feet domination, verbal abuse, leather, socks, control, use and abuse for cash, piss, custom videos/audio etc. Ive had over 15 real time meets with my loyal male and female subs.

  • If u are looking for custom video and u are looking for something specific follow the contact info and ask . I do custom vids as request 10 mins - 100 USD

Most of my slaves keep ask why I decide to be a cam fetish model. It is not shameful to show off your natural body on cam, especially if when you look like ME. You have to understand it is an art to model and show off your superior genetics and give others the chance to appreciate you.

  • Not a shame at all to have a BIGGER DICK THAN YOU and make u obey just because u can`t handle when u see a true ALPHA GOD.

  • Just because u can easily get very weak by nature and u can have a obsession it doesn`t mean it`s a shame , u have to be very brave to be able to recognise your pure feelings .This obsession transformed in love for Me will come with a lots of benefits for both . That`s how nature works for ALPHAS .