Little point of view from my experience in FINDOM

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Being in the findom scene and also a cam model, I’ve noticed there was a lot of subs who never have the chance to express their inferior nature until they meet me. They give up their control step by step. They start having more trust in them after that and I drain them and use them for what they were born for. I can recognize someone who has slave blood in their veins from a mile away. I’ve raped/used hundreds of slaves and still counting.

  • I’ve been in the fetish cam scene for over for years. From the start I’ve met lot of slaves who beg me to use them for my needs and my pleasure. I get good feedback from the majority of my fans

  • They need someone SUPERIOR and that’s not something new. It is easy for me to use and abuse my slaves because hey know they need someone SUPERIOR to help them build their foundation

  • I like to teach my slaves every word from my Slave Bible. A slave must understand their role and recognize that it is a privilege to tend to my needs and work to reach my goals.

  • Once a sub recognizes that they have slave blood in their veins and finally acts on it, they understand the purpose of their existence. The day they capitulate to a Dom is when they know their purpose in life.

  • I know how to create a connection with different genders, sexual orientations, etc and take care of subs boundaries.

Craving to feel something real is the ultimate experience that will cause you to be alive and you will feel than only when u meet the right Master . You will feel that for ME and u will feel privileged to love and serve me with all your heart .

Each of my subs are hypnotized after having the privilege to see my natural Alpha genes, talk to me, meet in real time!