What u have to know as a new slave .

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

If you’re new to the findom scene or and are interested in becoming my slave, make sure to read this page carefully.

There are fundamental elements of these relationships wich also need to be imbued in terms of any understanding .

  • Honesty

  • Devotion

  • Trust

  • Communication and not the last one

  • Desire to be owned

If u don`t have these elements in our relationship there is no point entering into a contract to create them .

Being my property is a privilege. You need me, I don’t need you. There are plenty of other slaves out there waiting to worship someone like me. From the moment I make a slut my property I know how to treat them and I’m not afraid to punish them for not following my rules.

  • Don’t be afraid to show your true inferior nature. Recognizing your submissive nature doesn’t mean you’re weak or stupid. Giving control to a Superior God means you’re brave enough to stop denying your true nature.

  • I accept the responsibility to take care of your slave body and worldly possessions. As long as I own you, I will arrange and take care of your safety and needs.

  • Time is money. As my slave you should pint this in your head if you ever feel like bothering me or wasting my time with your miserable fag life. Everything you do must be useful to ME in some way.

  • As a new slave learn how to get my attention with tributes and always remember to respect my decisions and commands.

  • If you don’t have much cash to serve and please me, be smart enough to find another way to make my life easier. Instead of asking me what you can do, tell me how you can be useful enough for me to offer my precious time.

  • Not everyone is lucky enough for this, but if you prove to me that you deserve it-one day you may be lucky enough to be named a loyal slave and maybe you will be able to set up a real time meet and serve me in person.

  • If I’m happy, my slaves are happy. If I’m sad or having a bad day its time for my slaves to step up and take care of my needs.

  • I have no time for subs who stress me out. If you are a paranoid sub who thinks that a tribute means you deserve my time, has a jealous personality, or has a hard time following orders don’t contact me until you’re willing to truly submit and make my life easier.

  • If you sign a slave contract and you agree with my terms and conditions I’ll use you whenever I want, however I want and take your fag tax on the date I choose as long as you’re my property.

  • Your duty is to serve and follow my commands. Being under my control is a blessing. Keep the tributes coming and be happy for the privilege of seeing me online and being in contact with me.

Here is my Slave Bible. You must read this 20 time a day until it is memorized.

  • A slave agrees to answer any and all questions asked by Master freely, promptly, and to the best of their knowledge.

  • Slave further agrees to volunteer any information that Master should know regarding slave's physical or emotional state. Master agrees to never use this information to harm slave in any way.

  • The slave may not seek any other master or lover or act in any sexual or submissive way without the master's permission.

  • I will not starting my day without sending my greetings for my Master.

  • I shall never embarrass my Master in any way.

  • I will not act defensively when questioned by my Master.

  • I will never interrupt my Master, or his friends when speaking.

  • I will tell the truth at all times.

  • I will inform my Master promptly if I break any of my Master’s rules.

  • I will never complain when Master punishes me for for breaking His rules.

  • I will never tribute or serve another master without my Master’s permission.

  • I will never have a choice to refuse an order from my Master.